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Welcome to Sushi Tbilisi!

If you want to order sushi delivery to your home, you are at the right place.

Why choose us?

Very tasty
Our team not only strives for excellence in the preparation of current dishes, but also adds new original recipes. When ordering from us, you get a guarantee of taste from our recognized sous-chefs.
We understand how important it is not just to get a delicious order at the best price, but also in the shortest possible time. Therefore, our team is constantly optimizing internal processes, from order receipt to door-to-door delivery.
We care not only about your stomachs, but also about your wallets. Not only do we give you the best price in town, but we also run ongoing promotions – stay tuned for updates via email and social media
Just beautiful
If you want to have a beautiful romantic dinner, our sushi is the best choice.
fresh fish, caviar and lemon


We use only the best products that guarantee the best quality of food.

three chefs cook food together


The best chefs are an essential part of a delicious meal. We always use several chefs to control the quality.

two hands with different skin colors are touching


Georgia is a multinational country. We respect representatives of all races, cultures and religions.

shipping bag and mask


We are responsible for the health and well-being of our customers. Therefore, we always use gloves, hats and masks during the preparation of the order.

Our Mission

We want to make Japanese cuisine common and accessible in Georgia.

Our Vision

Our main criterion is a satisfied client. Satisfied customers are the profit of our business.

We are constantly looking for sous-chefs, trainees, delivery specialists, partners. If you are interested in working and partnering, please contact us.

You just can’t have too much sushi!

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