Delivery Information

Delivery is free
We do not charge any additional delivery fees to our customers.
Delivery time
Delivery time includes order preparation time. Thus, the delivery time is the time from the moment you pay for the order to delivery to your door.
Delivery zone
Delivery to different parts of the city takes different times. Check out the estimated delivery times below:

Delivery to central part of city - 1,5 hours

Delivery to Isani-Samgori district of the city - 2 hours

Vake, Saburtalo (do not deliver to Didi Dighomi) - 2 hours; other parts of a district - 2,5 hours

We use our own delivery service. This allows you to reduce the cost and duration of delivery on the one hand and increase the quality of delivery on the other. We do our best to make our client satisfied. Delivery times may seem long, but remember that sushi is a dish that must always be fresh. Therefore, we start preparing sushi only after receiving the order.

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